Soundproofed office walls. Wellness at work also passes through the soundproofing of the rooms

The disturbance caused by the noise in the offices generates in the employee difficulties of concentration, premature tiredness, diminished performance and high irritability, all factors that negatively affect the quality of the work done. After all, an employee spends a good part of his day at work and ensuring that the environment he works in is quiet and restful contributes undoubtedly to his well-being and productivity.

Reduction of environmental noise thanks to our soundproofed office walls

Mainardi Sistemi, thanks to its twenty years of experience with customers of the most varied sectors, has always taken into high consideration the appearance of soundproofing – together with the aesthetic factor – in the design of the office walls, whether operational or executive.

In particular, among the main solutions in terms of soundproofing, we include:

  • equipped walls: the wardrobes in this type of walls allow a considerable absorption of noise between one environment and another
  • operating dividing walls: used for subdivision
  • directional dividing walls: perfect for dividing and defining work areas and for reducing noise from printers and copiers
  • monolithic glazed walls that – even allowing an invisible division of the spaces – still allow an excellent reduction of noise
  • countertops designed to absorb ambient noise without neglecting the aesthetic component.