Omega. Functionality for the operating environment

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The essential element for dividing office space, MAINARDI SISTEMI s.r.l. is active on the Italian and export markets offering over twenty years’ experience in the infrastructure field, with the most modern and rational solutions to your every office space need. Designed by a staff of architects, decorators and technicians from MAINARDI, the modular wall system makes it possible to create interiors to suit all needs.

The possibility to inspect systems, partition mobility and the possibility to integrate with other parts such as fitted wall units, floating floors, false ceilings and any other type of complementary furnishing item is never ignored.

These wall panels are available in our two operating versions: Omega and the executive Hidden.

Generally used in very noisy environments such as sheds and industrial environments in general, our operative partition walls allow an optimal reduction of the noise level (certified 41 dB).