Mainox Tiles. Innovative surfaces that give creativity and elegance to the spaces

The Mainox tiles coating is the right answer for those environments where image and prestige are paramount. Private houses, cocktail bars, discos, banks, luxury hotels and showrooms. Its fields of application are vast. Stainless steel is the ideal alternative / complement to more traditional roofing such as marble, granite, ceramic, carpet and parquet. It does not require maintenance and gives prestige to the environments in which it is applied.

Our panels are made of a 0.8 mm thick stainless steel plate, applied on a support consisting of calcium sulphate. They are available in different colors and decorations.

100×100, 200×200, 300×300, 600x600x6 mm. and 300×300 x 10 mm thick.
25×100, 25×200, 25×300
50×100, 50×200, 50×300