Mainardi Sistemi was born thanks to the competence and tenacity of its founder the Geom. Massimo Mainardi. 1989 marks an important turning point for a company that transforms its business from a pure commercial to a producer of the products sold until then: mobile walls, equipped walls, floors and stairs in stainless steel, special systems for raised floors.

In the same year Mainardi Sistemi moved to Cusago (south / west of Milan) where it still operates in Viale Europa, 72. In addition to the plant with the machinery for production and the warehouse with the shipping offices, in the same industrial complex are present the management offices, the Italian and foreign sales office, the design and interior design office, the Italy and foreign construction management office and the administrative office.

During the 2000s, thanks to the entrance of the sons Fabio and Boris into the company, the company undertook a path of strong expansion both in Italy and abroad. In these years a process of optimization of the organization and of the productive processes that will result with the ISO 9001 Company Certification, obtained in 2010, is started.

certificazione iso 9001-2015

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